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  • Play the Ice Lakes fishing game online

    Ice Lakes is the ultimate ice-tiny fishing game, with a sandbox approach to winter fishing. Ice Lakes offers a wide range of features, including rare themes, stunning graphics, realistic physics, a fish behavior system, a wide selection of fishing gear, different game modes in various locations around the world, and the ability to experience changing seasons, times of day, and weather conditions. The day and weather conditions also affect fish behavior, making Ice Lakes the ultimate ice fishing simulator.
    In this game, you can freely roam on beautiful open-world maps and explore river, pond, and lake locations in a variety of environments. Dare to go deeper into the wilderness, where no fisherman has ever set foot, and find the biggest catch.
    Finding the best fishing spots by learning each location's depth map and bottom topology is fun but requires patience and dedication. Nothing beats the expectation of finding the best spot or catching the biggest fish from each lake.
    The real excitement begins when it's time to throw the fishing line into the water and start fishing! The right equipment for the right conditions is as essential as mastering the location. A realistic fish behavior system, fish AI, and fish schools for nearly 30 fish species make this game a lifelike fishing experience. Players can choose fishing gear from a variety of different jigs, rods, drills, and baits. The perfect combination of equipment for species varies depending on the season, but especially the weather and day conditions. Operating your rod and jig in the water properly and at the right depth in the Ice Lakes is a skill all its own. Rod and jig physics ensure that the fish react realistically to the player's actions.
    Independent fishing with no time limit or competition makes Ice Lakes a relaxing game to play and fine-tune your fishing skills from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, lengthy tournaments and highly customizable single-player competitions will test players' skills and knowledge but reward them with new gear and an unlimited reputation.

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