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Klinsmann is angling toward starting Bedoya

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  • Klinsmann is angling toward starting Bedoya

    Sure, there may be some lingering bad taste from Bedoya's disastrous foray into a defensive midfield role against Brazil last fall, but that is in no way the same thing as the two-way central role Klinsmann has him playing in the 4-3-3. That position plays to Bedoya's strengths, and we saw a glimpse of what he can bring to that role against Bolivia.

    Klinsmann is angling toward starting Bedoya in the middle on Friday, so he can keep igs fifa 17 coins pressure on Colombia's attacking threats in a more consistent way than Nagbe would.

    "Ale's role, if it's a wide role or a role more inside, it depends on what system we play, it depends on what is needed, it depends on who we play against and so on, " Klinsmann said. "This is always the different pieces that we are discussing up and down because we don't have the luxury to say that we ignore what the opponent is doing and just do what we want. That's not the case.