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FC 24 Ultimate Team PlayStyles Explained

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  • FC 24 Ultimate Team PlayStyles Explained

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    If you have already completed the small steps to create your brand-new club in FC 24 Ultimate Team, there is a lot to learn about some new mechanics in the game, especially when it comes to Evolutions and PlayStyles, which will have a significant impact on the players you buy and sell on the transfer market. So, let’s dive deeper!

    What Is PlayStyle?

    Optimised by real-world Opta, PlayStyles dimensionalize athletes, going beyond overall ratings to bring to life the on-pitch abilities that make players special. Each PlayStyle affects gameplay, giving players unique capabilities you’ll see and feel that make their way of playing more authentic.

    PlayStyles+ enhances those signature abilities to a world-class standard — think Haaland’s Power Shot, or Sam Kerr’s Finesse Shot— reflecting elite players’ abilities to play at a level that few others can reach. They are visible right on the Player Item, so it’s easy to see what they’re known for and how they’ll stand out.

    In order to check each player’s PlayStyles in your club, head to the squad and pull the Right Analog to the right a few times until you get the Player cards to show the PlayStyles screen. Players can equip more than one PlayStyle at a time. If you need more information on each specific PlayStyle, hover over a player’s card and press R3 to get to the full details screen. Now, switch tabs until you reach the PlayStyles tab. Here, you can read the descriptions for every available PlayStyle.

    How To Get PlayStyles?

    You can get your hands on a PlayStyle by completing objectives in a range of different game modes. Also, some players that you receive from Packs or use FC 24 Coins to buy from the transfer market may have built-in PlayStyles, and you can also add up to them by signing a player up for Evolutions. If you head over to the Evolutions menu, you will recognize that some Evolutions will also add certain PlayStyles to your player aside from boosting their stats.

    So, picking the right Evolution to apply could be quite crucial to enhance your player’s performance even more. If an Evolution gives your player a PlayStyle that they already own, it will boost that PlayStyle to the next level, which is PlayStyle Plus. However, there is no point in applying a PlayStyle to a player who already has it at the highest level.

    Every Available PlayStyle

    PlayStyles are divided into five categories: Scoring, Passing, Ball Control, Defending, and Physical. Each category delivers a number of enhancements to your player, helping them to perform their duties in a better way and giving you the ability to decide better in some cases, such as the PlayStyle that improves free-kick guidelines.

    Power Shot
    Dead Ball
    Chip Shot
    Finesse Shot
    Power Header

    Incisive Pass
    Pinged Pass
    Long Ball Pass
    Tiki Taka
    Whipped Pass

    Ball Control
    First Touch
    Press Proven

    Slide Tackle

    Quick Step
    Long Throw

    There you have it, that’s all there is to know about EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles. For more, look at our game hub U4gm, containing tips available to win more games with your perfectly built squad.