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New World: All The Fishing Pole Perks Guide

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  • New World: All The Fishing Pole Perks Guide

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    Fishing is one of many different trade skills in New World, and catching rare fish takes a lot of work. Of course, you could use new world coins just by buying them from the New World trading posts, but as the famous saying goes, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

    Teaching your character to fish opens up new possibilities, but it's more complicated than just casting a line and reeling in fish. The quality of your equipment makes rarer fish appear more frequently, and the types of bait you can attach to your fishing pole work differently depending on whether you fish near the sea or from riverbanks and lakes. So you need is to equip some Fishing Perks.

    Adding a perk to your fishing pole will grant unique boosts to various fishing aspects. Here are all the best Fishing Perks you can score for your rod.

    Suns Reach

    Attaching the Suns Reach Perk greatly benefits your fishing to boost your casting distance. Casting distance is increased during the daytime with it equipped, starting at a five percent increase at Tier One Suns Reach and up to 15 percent at a Tier Three perk. Boosting your casting distance not only helps to access harder-to-reach hotspots but can lessen your line tension while reeling in larger and rarer fish that are typically difficult to catch.


    Improves durability, making it less likely the pole will break. This perk grants a nice durability increase of ten percent at Tier One. Tier Two Sturdy boosts durability by 20 percent, and Tier Three by a whole 50 percent. Not bad! Save your salvaged materials for other tools and weapons, and get more use out of your Fishing Pole without worrying it will break.

    Saltwaters Brawn

    Increases line strength while fishing in saltwater, as it increases your line strength anywhere from ten to 20 percent depending on its tier. This will help your fish for rare or large fish in the ocean.

    Saltwater Colossus

    This perk increases your Fishing Luck, specifically the boost to the chance of catching larger fish in saltwater. At Tier One, you have a 150 percent chance, Tier Two grants a 200 percent boost, and with Tier Three Saltwater Colossus equipped, your chance of catching a big fish while ocean fishing is boosted up to 250 percent.

    Nighttime Colossus

    Nighttime Colossus Perk grants you a higher chance of reeling in big fish during nighttime. Depending on the perk's tier, this boost could be by 150, 200, or 250 percent. If large fish are your game, you will be quite happy with this perk.

    Moons Reach

    Yet another boon for night fisher's, the Moons Reach Perk gives you Fishing Pole an increased casting distance during the night, from anywhere between five to 15 percent depending on the tier of your perk.

    Lucky Night

    With the Lucky Night Perk on your Fishing Pole, you can take your chances in the dead of night, knowing that you have a 30 percent chance of catching a rare fish while it's dark, and that's just a Tier One. Tier Two and Tier Three Lucky Night perks offer a 50 or 75 percent Luck boost, respectively. If you should be so lucky as to craft a pole with Lucky Day and Lucky Night, well, you might just be the luckiest fisherperson around.

    Lucky Day

    The Lucky Day Perk increases your chance of snagging rare fish, specifically during the day. Of course, no fish appear only during the day, but this perk gives you a solid window of time in which your Fishing Luck for reeling in rare catches is boosted anywhere from 30 and up to 75 percent.

    Freshwaters Brawn

    With this equipped, your rod's line strength is increased while fishing in freshwater from 10 to 20 percent, depending on the tier of the perk. This is useful for catching large freshwater fish, like Salmon, and for catching rare fish like Electric Eel or Piranha, which can do a number on your line tension, especially when fished from a close distance.

    Freshwater Colossus

    Improves the chance of catching larger fish in rivers, lakes, and streams. At Tier One, it grants a 150 percent increase; at Tier Two, you have a 200 percent chance, and lastly, Tier Three of Freshwater Colossus boosts your chances by 250 percent. If you are on the hunt for a catch such as Large Salmon, this perk will surely come in handy.

    Daytime Colossus Perk

    If you get the Daytime Colossus Perk equipped for your fishing Pole, you will have an even greater chance of catching large fish during the day. Tier One Daytime Colossus increases this chance by 150 percent, and Tier Two and Tier Three boost the chance by 200 and 250 percent respectively.

    That is all you need to know about Fishing Pole Perks in New World. If you like this game and want to see more guides, feel free to browse here!