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RuneScape open the chest to locate a bronze sword and wood sheild

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  • RuneScape open the chest to locate a bronze sword and wood sheild

    Have incentives for members camping and skilling in hazardous areas. For instance, the crafters producing tents, which would treat players using it, could get a crafting bonus for producing something like this in a dangerous universe OSRS Fire Cape. Skulling would force you to stand out like a sore thumb, leaving your camp vulnerable to pkers who like to get EVERYTHING.

    Players on the hiscores listing,or people who manage to thrive in survival would be given with"royalty" a sort of thing, which here means: this person could possibly be invulnerable to pkers, however the intelligent raider could dethrone him. The economy could essentially inflate item prices or deflate merchandise prices, like in a regular world. Willows are pricier than oak logs, but for some reason, thier not. Because people go for willows the most, believing there going for the good money. This would cause the price of it to fall.

    (This could be more difficult to implement if any of those holiday events feature tradeables, which would attract the pkers to the loot) Notorius PKers who've gathered heaps of kills during survival session will be jailed if murdered, its sort of like the shantay pass thing, but it's just something little to dissuade kill after kill after kill after kill.

    To stop RWT, there will probably be a certain battle and skill levels needed, which would also likely be good for surviving on earth itself, or the hardcore noobs and gold farmers would thrive from kill stealing, and babysitting graves (should graves be implemented here). The royalty system, and Jail:

    I've spoken in previous chapters, this chapter would be to enter further elaboration of their royalty and Jail systems. People who have managed to fell loads of enemies, without being the one who initiates the strikes (e.g- maybe not being skulled)will provide you an honor position OSRS Gold For Sale. This will decrease if you commence strikes, such as pking for fun.

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