Unfortunately there are countless over 30 year old brainless idiots The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold playing Candy Crush and titles like this and paying cash. These aren't gamers, and mobile games are not made for gamers. You need to understand that. No one makes a cellular game for gamers. It is bad enough telephone firms took out removable batteries. I just use my phone to call/text and GPS, why do I want to waste my battery life on games??

These signature based mobile games have always been weird. They look great but play poorly. The signature based interface is among the worst ways to play an action game possible. Most The Elder Scrolls Bladess end up playing like some bad VR game, in where you vaguely swipe at stuff with the movement sensors while being on rails. Simply place I'd rather play mature RPG's. Turn based games only work WAY better with this type of limited interface.I'm a lot more forgiving than Az when it concerns the present day freemium mobile formula. There are games which have timers, are clearly pay to acquire and use loot boxes that are still ideal free of charge players. This appears to be selling itself graphics over anything else.

The last mobile games played were the Infinity Blade names years back. Quite enjoyed people to be truthful as a little distraction on the side while away from home. But that was a different time, zero lootboxes and hardly any other monetization in The Elder Scrolls Bladess you bought back then. Nowadays I would not touch most cellular games using a ten-foot pole. Should know instantly that when a business decides to go mobile, these are the monetization models they are going to buy ESOM Gold use. Do not like it, don't support it.